Renee Baker Performance Horses


Our horses are monitored by 24 Hour camera service for their health and safety.  We take pride in providing our clients and horses with the best care possible.  In addition to our training programs, the following services are also available:

Feeding Program
Horses are Exclusively fed Finish Line Supplements
Lunch Hay Feeding Available
Custom Feed Programs Available

Grooming Service
Turn out Service in our 3 Turn outs
Sunpen Service

Farrier Service
Farrier Service is provided by Shawn Parrott of Parrot Equine.

Game Ready
Game Ready Therapy is available to our customers for injury recovery and preventative maintenance.

Finish Line ProductsFinish Line Horse Products has been a leading provider of quality horse healthcare products since 1979.  We strive to produce products that will show you a noticeable improvement in your horse with results you will love!  Guaranteed!

Whether you ride for pleasure of performance, you want to keep your horse feeling fit and healthy! Suzanne Weed of “Current Success” helps Renee Baker Performance Horses do just that! Along with Renee’s unique training program Current Success offers Renee’s clients (and her) an added type of therapy that keeps the horses right-on-track! Maintenance programs is key to keeping these athletes working!

Acuscope/Myoscope Therapy specializes in targeting Neuro-Muscular and connective tissue conditions, therefore producing speedier recovery time through non-invasive, drug-free treatments. Eliminates pain, muscle tightness, inflammation, improves mobility and optimizes overall performance. This system represents the most technologically advanced and effective electronic physical therapy equipment available in equine health care today. FDA approved!

RIATA Arena Drags

Like to add RIATA Arena Drags to our group of supporters, been shopping for a drag for a few yrs now. RIATA has not let us down, we get a water late in the day, I drag it when riding and lessons are done for the day, by morning the arena is perfect. Being a show barn, our horses have to have the best footing possible, It provides the right cushion for the trail horses but allows our reiners to have the best slide and ride possible. Big thanks to Mike Powell and Riata Drags for there support.